Our services cut across diverse industries. Depending on the needs of the industry, we provide both permanent and temporary assistance.We have a team of dedicated and passionate experts that are very knowledgeable in the training and development of devoted staff. Irrespective of the industrial demand and how tasking they can seem to be in some cases, we strive to always ensure to meet them.

We ensure punctuality and availability of our employees by providing them transportation facilities for pick up and drop off, where required. We inform our employees about the job description and work setting.

Services to our client

    At OneStaff, we provide;
  • Temporary employees to the companies
  • Permanent employees
  • Contract workers
  • General labour
  • Drivers at different levels
  • Skilled employees – forklift, welders, counter balance
  • Employees for office positions.

We carry out certain procedures when choosing a candidate for our employer. These procedures are


It is our duty at OneStaff to carryout interviews for selected candidates, before sending them for any job. In order that we can better understand the candidate; our candidates meet with us for an interview.Based on the position, interviews can be performed at different levels.

Testing and Screening:

We carefully screen our candidates to make sure that any selected person is truly qualified for the job and meets the requirement of our clients. Irrespective of the work environment and requirement, our tests and screening is assured to meet the needs

Reference Verification:

The past records of all candidates registering with us are verified. A candidate has to provide at least one criminal check record and we also make sure we check their work history as well.

We also contact references to know the performance and attitude of the candidate at their previous place of work.

Employee’s availability and punctuality

We take responsibility in making sure that an employee is punctual and always available and if need be providing them with a transportation facility. We inform our employees about the job description and work setting.

Health and Safety training

We provide good health and safety training to our candidates and make them see the importance of safety as it help them to always remain cautious at work. We carry out tests to judge the safety and health knowledge of the candidate.

In a situation where a candidate is unable to pass the test, such candidate will have to undergo a proper training session.

Job details:

At OneStaff, we provide both the employee and the employer adequate information they need, including information of one party to the other with the aim of building a strong relationship between them.

We understand the need of our employers differs and we see to it that we provide them with the right candidate that suits their needs.